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A Creative Presence  

Josh Hicks is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Newport, South Wales. With influences including Adele, Billie Holiday and Duffy. After attending ACM in Guildford, where he gained a First in vocal performance, Josh entered the Open Mic competition in 2021 and won the overall competition, against 10k other entries (previous winners include Birdy and Lola Young).

Working with long-time producer/writer Shatterjack, says 'This song was written by Shatterjack, Kemi Sulola and myself. Everything About You is about having an absolute fascination for someone and feeling utterly and powerlessly bowled over by that person. It's about not listening to what people may say about them and just trusting your own thought processes and instincts.'

With a contemporary, classic pop sound that embodies soulful yet subtle jazz inclinations, while Hicks' songs are aimed at younger audiences, they're equally able to cross the generational divide. Inspired by lyrical greats such as Cole Porter and Amy Winehouse, Hicks injects personality into his writing, drawn from personal experience.

With its dramatic, modern melodies and soulfully expressive lyrics this second single pays testament to Josh's powerful vocals and innate ability to write life-affirming songs. The track provides all the evidence you need that this bright young star is set to shine.

Catch Josh playing live this autumn around various venues in Wales. Follow him on Insta, Tik Tok and Spotify for further live announcements.

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